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Suzanne McGuire | Blog

Thursday, January 20, 2022   /   by Suzanne McGuire

Real Estate Market Forecast - What to Expect in 2022

With a wonderful year of Real Estate now behind us, let us take a look into the future and see what the New Year may bring! In order to forecast 2022, we need to look at the prior year and see what the numbers tell us.
Here are some important numbers:
·      In 2021, Real Estate showed a 49 percent increase in sales over the prior year despite inventory challenges. 
·      There was a 30 percent increase in units sold
·      There was a 21.5 percent increase in the median sales price. 
·      The luxury market (listings greater than $2 million) ended the year with a 77 percent increase in sales vs. 2020
While we don’t have a crystal ball, after reviewing the Q4 numbers it’s clear the window for steady median price increases seen in 2021 may not necessarily be the case for 2; ...

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