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Top 5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Home on a Budget

Tuesday, March 16, 2021   /   by Marketing Dept

Top 5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Home on a Budget

Whether you're preparing to sell or looking for ways to add value to your current home, here are 5 quick tips (often forgot about) that could make all the difference. 

1. Upgrade your kitchen.

Kitchens will continue to be a multi-use area allowing for desks and additional counter space. New or slightly used appliances can be an affordable upgrade to your existing kitchen. Look for a great discount appliance store in your area. Often, you can get a next to brand new set for a bargain price and change the entire look of your kitchen. You could also consider cabinet refacing or painting the cabinets if that is an option.

It may be a good idea to call your local stone dealer and price replacing, existing counter tops...most manufacturers have stock items that are affordable. BUT, be sure to watch your budget when imagining your dream kitchen, you can easily go over and never see a return on investment.

2. Improve your outdoor space.

Improve your outdoor space by adding plants and flowers. Spend a little extra on designer pots for your plants to dress up a small patio. If you have a large back yard, consider fencing and adding a deck. Keep curb appeal in mind when dressing up the front of your home. How old is your mailbox? Could your front door use a pop of color and a fresh coat of paint?

3. Polish up exterior. 

Is it time to paint the exterior of your home? Here in Florida, paint takes a beating from the sun and rain all year round. You should budget for an exterior paint at least every 5-7 years. For those of you in HOA’s you will need to get approval and may only have a few color choices, but a fresh coat of paint and sealing any cracks will be well worth the investment.


4. Clean your roof. 

Is your roof dirty? Cleaning the roof is not something we think about every day, but it can really freshen up a home and take years off the appearance. While the team is cleaning the roof, see if they can pressure wash the driveway.  

paint (1).png

5. Paint the interior.

Interior paint is another place that can instantly change the whole mood of a home. Think in neutral palettes with white baseboards and crown molding. These projects can be done affordably but add great value to your property. 

Written by Suzanne McGuire, broker of RealtyQuest Inc.